Why You Should Have a Session?

Most of the people who claim to be psychic are not. They are very misleading and give bad information to people. Bottom line, to separate you from your money.

My purpose was and still is today to get rid of misconceptions of what the word psychic actually means. It is nothing more than your fight or flight survival mode. Through the years people have been taught by family, friends and the community to desensitize themselves from their own inner voice. We no longer have a relationship with our self. It has changed into compliance, perception, performance for praise and to be needed and loved.

As a result we have become empty. We no longer know how to make decisions, much less develop a relationship with ourselves.

As a result our spirituality has diminished. I feel my purpose and gift is to help you heal the breakdown of not loving yourself and to take you to a place of developing a relationship of communication with yourself which in turn helps you to make decisions that are influenced by you. Taking in only considerations around you. This voice will lead you on a path of developing your own intuitive ability which results in love, compassion, processing and spirituality.


I teach why things happen for you and not to you. How to turn it into something very productive instead of becoming very destructive and how to break the cycles and situations in your life that no longer serves you.

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