Celebrating the hundreds of people who 
transformed their lives with Samy's help.

Celebrities  Samy has done Readings for numerous Celebrities.

Samy is the Best! "I cannot believe how much Samy knows about things that no body else knew." -Paul McCartney

Converted Skeptic “I have known Samy for two decades. When I first met her I was, to say the least, skeptical as anyone would be meeting someone of her talent for the first time. Samy wasted no time opening my eyes to the realities that existed beyond my comprehension. I have been in broadcasting and entertainment for 25 years and have made a living out of being a skeptic. I have worked with numerous psychics, had them on my radio shows and sifted through more than my share of purple capes, crystal balls and pixie dust. But no psychic I have ever met comes close to the real talent that Samy displays.”  -J.M.

Perfect Birthday “Your reading was the perfect birthday gift to myself. You made my birthday one of the best I’ve had in a while. A Fan forever.”   -Gretchen

Justice “Thank you for your advice on going to the police about (that lady) in Palo Alto. The District-Attorney is going to do an investigation on her.”  -Robin

Contract Won “Samy, I just got the big contract. Thanks a million for advising me how to bid on it.”  -James

Rehabilitation “Sad to say you were right. My son is on drugs. My husband is making arrangements for his treatments.  Thanks for your help before it was too late.”   -Judy

Dog Found “Samy, my dog was right where you said. You said he was about two blocks away in a white house with blue shutters. I drove around until I found the house, knocked on the door and he came running to me!”  –Louie

New Life “You said my boyfriend was lying to me about his having an affair even though he strongly denied it. Well, I found the evidence exactly where you told me. I am now looking forward to the happier relationship that you saw coming.”  –Patricia

Many Thanks! “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I don’t know if you remember my reading almost a year ago.  The school was going to put my young daughter into Special Education because she couldn’t communicate well because of unintelligible speech. You told me to get her into singing lessons and she would turn out fine.  Well I fought with the school for weeks, before they finally agreed to give it a try.  She immediately showed improvement. Now after several months she is functioning like a normal child of her age. Once again, Thank You!”   -Christie

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Now Sober “I didn’t believe in Psychics until I talked to you. You were right on with everything thing you told me. Even the things I thought only I knew. I followed your advice. I am in Alcoholics Anonymous now, my wife is back with me and my life is starting to straighten out.”   -Big Jim


My Crooked Partner “Samy, good news bad news. You were right. My business partner has been cheating me. I had an accountant look over the company books. I would never have known without you. He agrees with you. Things are bad but I can financially recover.”  -Paul

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