Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is Samy the only person I talk to?

A. Yes. Samy is the only person who will give you a session.

Q. How long does a Session last?

A. A Phone Session with Samy is 30 minutes and are scheduled 1 hour apart as to not rush anyone if the
session needs to run longer or until you feel your concerns have been addressed.


Q. Can Samy get information about people around me?

A. Yes. Not only can Samy read for you, but she can also read other people through you. By doing this she (and you) can discover who around you may be doing something that is affecting your life either in a positive or negative manner.

Q. Can Samy help me with business questions?

A. Yes. Samy has worked with key executives of many large national and international corporations. Her unique abilities helped them to see future growth, new trends and merger opportunities. Samy is very helpful in negotiations because she can see the strategy, maneuvers and/or truthfulness of the opposite side.

Q. Does Samy help find missing persons or solve criminal cases.

A. Yes. Samy has worked with various police departments and the FBI several times to provide valuable information that resulted in the solving of difficult cases. Many times she has provided clues and information that was totally unknown to law enforcement or families she was working with.

Q. Is there any charge for SAMY to work on a missing persons/missing pet or criminal case?

A. No. Samy will work with any family or law enforcement organization that requests her help. However, she does insist on complete secrecy, that her name will not be mentioned by anyone involved and she will not disclose the details to any media. Samy will request to be compensated for any financial expenses incurred. For example: On some cases she may have to go to the site of the crime or home of the missing person. In these situations she only asks for compensation of actual expenses.

Q. Does Samy provide gift certificates?             

A. Yes. You may call 1-800-922-SAMY (7269) or complete our online form to leave information and someone will contact you regarding a gift certificate.


Q. Can Samy do a reading for my pet?

A. Yes. Samy can communicate with your pet. Numerous times she has helped pet owners and their pets by discovering the pet has a hidden health problem that needs immediate treatment LOST PET? Samy has helped find numerous missing pets. There is no charge for this service. Just call Samy for assistance.

Q. How do I schedule a Session with Samy and how much does it cost?

A. Call 1-800-922-SAMY (7269) or fill out the form on our Appointment page, leave your name and phone number and someone will get back to you to schedule. 

A Session with Samy will last approximately 1/2 hour. The cost is $150.00.

Samy can also provide a Personal Session. You may audio tape these Sessions. The personal Session cost is $225.00 cash at time of service. The location will be announced when you book your reading. The cost of a Business consulting Session is determined at the time of the initial call.

Q. Does Samy do fundraisers for non-profit organizations ?

A. Yes. Samy has worked with non-profit organizations for raising funds for their benefits. She has also participated in special corporate events where the funds went to charity. There is no set procedure since the structure of each event may be different. To discuss your event please call 1-800-922-SAMY (7269).

Q.Does Samy do group Sessions?

A.Yes. Samy will do group sessions for your event providing each participant with a mini-session. The cost of the event will depend on the number of persons involved and the location. Minimum 7 participants for these Sessions.

Q. Does Samy help guide with advice to purchase a home, car, stocks, etc?

A. Yes

Q. Does Samy help guide development of ideas or marketing strategies for businesses?  Does it include advice on whether to proceed or not?

A. Yes

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