Samy's heritage is Chickasaw, Cherokee, and Irish.  She is an intuitive psychic and a Reiki Master with a practical, no-nonsense approach to helping people understand themselves and helping them deal with their problems.

"I don’t know how or why, but I was born with true psychic abilities. No one can explain how these things really happen, but there is also no explanation for the five year old child who has never had piano lessons being able to play Beethoven. Who can explain the seven-year-old who is a math wizard or the genius scientists of the past who accurately diagrammed the unknowns of the future?

I have had visions for as long as I can remember – since my childhood days.  In my early years I was always telling my family about things.  Instead of discouraging me like most parents do to their children, they accepted me as normal and encouraged me.

As I grew older I was able to “tune in” to people and instantly see what is going on in their life, and how others around them are affecting their lives for better or worse.

Many people are born into this life with various advanced skills that defy logical earthly explanation. I feel blessed that I was born with a true Psychic ability and I am deeply gratified that I can help people understand and improve their lives.

I look forward to talking with you."



Samy has appeared on numerous radio stations across the U.S. including KIIS 107.7 with Ryan Seacrest, of American Idol and Rick Dees.  Samy takes calls on most any issue from lost pets, to cheating lovers, careers, or to help solve someone’s emotional crisis.

“My goal,” she says, “is to help people make more effective decisions, help them feel better about themselves, and help them work with   their problems so they can fulfill their purpose.”

Samy has consulted with various police departments and the FBI to help solve crimes and missing person cases. She has also provided consultations for several national figures in entertainment and sports and leading corporate executives.

Samy doesn’t hold back.  She tells it like it is and will even argue with callers until they admit the truth. Samy’s shows are filled with enlightenment and emotions of sadness, happiness, tension and many times laughter.

“Everyone has some psychic ability,” Samy claims, “but some people are just born with advanced skills, or a gift, as some call it.  It’s not much different than: I can’t play chopsticks on a piano but some five-year-old kid that never had music lessons is playing Beethoven.

“My gift is being able to talk to someone, see and or hear situations and events around them (even if they don’t) and see their future.   Then I give the best advice on how to deal with the situations or in some circumstances even help change the outcome.”


Samy’s radio career started over 30 years ago when a disc jockey in San Jose, California heard exceptional things about her through a friend of his and called her.  He asked her to come on his show and do readings live on the air.   She said no at first because of the many negatives surrounding disreputable “psychics and fortune tellers” and others misrepresenting a gifted talent.

After much persuasion by the DJ she finally agreed.  That show was an instant hit and Samy became a weekly guest on the broadcast.  Her fame spread quickly, and she was in demand from radio stations from California to New York.

  • Samy on the radio with Lamont and Tonelli the first Wednesday of every month.

    • For a chance to get a reading please the show at 888-303-BONE (2663).

    • To speak to Samy for a private reading please call her at 1-800-922-SAMY.

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