The Role Of A Leader

The Role Of A Leader

The role of a leader is to speak out against: Any and All Injustices and Any and All Wrong Doings without wasting time. In doing so Morality along with Righteousness is taught to their people. All people of all ages.

So simple should be the responses of Leaders – that all ages of the people no matter what their status and educational levels are – can: Understand, Comprehend, Reflect on and Take to Heart as Truth and Justice.

Lack of Action, Lack of Wisdom Sharing and Teachings of a Good Way of Life and Responsibility of All Life to:

1st Protect All Life – As is gives Perpetuity

2nd Respect All Life – AS it gives Harmony to continue in Perpetuity

3rd Honor All Life – as it gives Love to All Life.

Which Brings: Enlightenment to Spirit. Which Elevates the Mind,
Enriches the Senses and Expands what and how you: See, Hear and Feel.
In this Trilogy of Trilogies You will “See” Truth. You will “Hear” Truth and You will “Feel” Truth.

When this cycle within You becomes broken – You lose because it allows your mind to take over !!! Without this Cycle within you. You start to become “senseless”. Meaning – No connection to Spirit. You Don’t – “Hear and Communicate with Spirit”, “Good Guidance”. Your Intuitiveness is lost.

Even Jesus wants you to: “See” with Your Eyes, “Listen with Your Ears and “Feel” with Your Heart. For the Mind is the place that Bad, Evil and Unrighteousness take hold and this leads to the Loss of Your Morality, Loss of Self and the Loss of “Soul”

When You realize “WE ARE ALL RELATED” you will wake up and walk the “GOOD ROAD” back to Spirit. It is what every religion wants. This Lack of Balance is why so many are lost and follow like sheep instead of sitting with all – as Real Equals !!!

Something to Think About.

All My Relations, Many Blessing.

Love, Samy…..
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