Christ, Love and Easter !!!

Happy Easter Everyone !!!

As the world becomes more and more violent and destructive and showing it’s ill regard for our planet and religious differences just to name a few.

You need to notice that no ascended being including Christ, with the exception of one or two, has ever segregated or spread hatred. Nor did they condone acts of destruction – Physically, Mentally or Spiritually…..

The Prime example we have in front of us this day is not about hatred, segregation or what congregation or culture you come from. It’s the demonstration of pure spirituality!!!

Christ laid his body down and ascended with his spirit showing that the only true existence is Love in it’s purist, simplest form. That Love can never be destroyed. Love ascends all things and Easter is about the demonstration and ascension through Christ demonstrating the true meaning of Love!!!

Love is emptiness. It has: no highs, no lows, no rights and no wrongs. It only has Bliss.
The more you follow the demonstration of the account of the crucifixion of Christ. The closer you will come to relieving yourself of everything the Ego holds and embrace the love of everything Christ has demonstrated and embrace the message of Christ and his teachings.

Simply put – The teachings of Christ is Live and Love.


No truer words have ever been spoken. These are the words of Christ. These are the demonstrations of his Life on Earth.

Try to walk in: Peace, Love, Happiness !!!

Let this be your resurrection.

Christ’s message for thousands of years has been – We are all children of God.

Ascend the Ego and Embrace the Spirit !!!

Thank You Jesus !!!

Sounds Easy

Now try it

Good Luck

Love, Samy…..

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