Everything Seems To Run In Cycles

What I have noticed in the last few weeks is the cycle coming up is about Relationships. Distance in Relationships, Not being Understood in Relationships and about Relationships Breaking Apart. It’s lack of communication – I can go on and on. You get the idea. What I have found – Don’t look at the outcome of what your going through — “How It’s Appearing”

Look at the Seed – The Seed is what the problem is. What I mean by the Seed is that FEAR has two sides.

1st – It will either stop you in your steps and you will put up a wall which is almost impenetrable, This wall is a wall or protection to keep you from falling victim or vulnerable to any type of Love, Compassion, Friendship – “what ever” and it is going to remain with you through out your life until you can resolve it. Only you can go inward and resolve it. You have to address it, You have to talk to it and You have to come to terms with it. So – You have to Identify with it.

The 2nd form of Fear – is a Fear that is an active fear and it is one that promotes you. It causes you to face your fears and to dive into them. To see exactly what they look like, feel like and what it is that you are actually fearing. So through doing that it opens up: Communication, Love, Compassion, as well as opens up Dialogue with Self, Love of Self and a better relationship with not only yourself but with your family, loved ones, kids and community. So my suggestion is to take Fear and turn it into a tool that works for you. Not something that slams you in the Toe and stops you in place complaining my toe hurts.

If you can’t do it on your own and need help. Schedule a session. Whishing you the best in Life, Love Samy

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Compassion – Learning – Processing – Becoming Selfless with empty intent to do for others with an understanding that compassion lies in all things Seen and Unseen. Selfless – an act that is done without expectation or need for acknowledgement or reward. A moment to read – A life time to learn Because to become compassionate the journey begins within and journeys outward. Samy