A Little Giggle – The Atheist


One day I had a phone session with an older Gentleman and he said, “Before we start this session I want you to know that I am an Atheist.” I said “No, you are not. Do you believe in energy”? He said, “YES”! I asked, “Do you believe that energy is in everything?” He said, “Of course.” I said, “it is a scientific fact, energy is in all things and everything so therefore if you believe in energy then you believe in God. You just call it something else.”

He began to laugh and said, “all these years I didn’t know” and as he was laughing said, “I guess an old dog can learn new tricks.”

Our Souls are energy and our soul is what gives us life and if you believe in the soul then you have to believe there is a God because in all scriptures it says that God is with in us! God resides in our souls.

Those that are born Soulless still have God in them. It is the Hand of God on conscientiousness. There is more to this that can be discussed at a latter time and if anyone would like me to, I can address this in another post.