Life is at a Stand Still

Addressing a recent statement that was made and a reply by another… AT A STAND STILL

An individual stated that : “I feel I’m at a stand still in life its driving me crazy..I don’t know why.”

Comment from another : “call to God,he will hear you and help you,No one else,knows you like He does,sometimes we feel like we can’t (grasp) Or get out of a rut we ‘re in, but that’s cause we are alone and empty inside,without God.We need him for strength,peace,love,joy,faith,He is our salvation”

Now to address the statement / my reply : What that means and its very common to have this… Is that you reached a plateau. When you reach a plateau everything feels like its come to a stop. Its really sorting out and simulating and absorbing all your experiences to that point ( experiences, feelings, all that kind of stuff) so all the activity in your life is internal at this time. Once this completes its cycle. Then you will think and feel and see and interact with things differently because it gives you a deeper understanding. Its like going from being a little boy into adolescence. So nothing to worry about. Perfectly normal. It’s Just a growth Spurt! Keep meditating, meditation will help. This will happen periodically through your life. It’s just GROWTH. Hope this Helps, Love Samy

Addressing the comment :You are absolutely right. God is within all of us, but some of us need others to help them in facilitating and confirming how to find and listen to that inner higher presence in our lives, No exceptions. People are not a village unto themselves. A village is an accumulation of a lot of people. Thank you for your input. I feel you just stopped short and hopefully this will help you and everyone else reading. We never been invited into our own lives! We have only been taught to mind much less how to communicate with ourselves. Love Samy

Stand Stills will occur periodically through out our lives. It’s normal and nothing to worry about. This was a great topic. I thank the person who sent in this statement and am thankful for his confirmation that this has helped him…