A Little Dab of Color

A Little Dab of Color

Here is something to think about. A little dab of color evokes sexual desires. In the animal kingdom, color is used to attract a mate. Colors also emanate a sense! Interesting that color and sent evoke a duality of feelings whether seen or not, it can also stir up feelings of anger and rage. It can make you feel: very calm and peaceful, can be inviting, and even evoke feelings of rejection. Be aware of this.

Take in everything and become aware of: sounds, smells, feelings, emotions (mental and physical), where and how it affects you, right down to what you wear. The more you breath it in, the more aware your senses will open up and your spirituality will flourish! Our beliefs are not based on gender or culture! They are just good old primal in-stinks!!! They influence our: culture, history, tools, beliefs, and thoughts of intent. Even how we see, feel and embrace color in our lives. Take time out each day and just breathe it in and embrace it and let it go. You will be amazed at how quickly you will reawaken to yourself with color in your life. These are your natural born intuitive abilities that serve every purpose in your life. Have fun and just embrace it. At this point don’t try to understand it, just become acquainted with where and how it feels to you and what emotions it evokes within you. Good luck and have fun!!!

Simple break down
Take in consideration of: Culture
Thoughts of intent
Placement in or around the body

(What is meant by Tools are things we are going to use over and over again as you become more familiar with how to interact with your intuition and others around you)

So till next time, something fun to think about! 🙂


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